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Our Latest Prayer Requests and Updates

NEW NICU TWIN GRADUATES- Baby Kohen and Baby Karter-Psalm 34:8 Baby Kohen and Baby Karter made their grand entrance 7-11-21 at 30 weeks. Baby Kohen weighed 3.1 lbs. at birth. Baby Karter weighed 3.5 lbs. at birth. Baby Karter weighs 6.13 lbs. and Baby Kohen weighs 7 lbs. now. Please pray as Baby Kohen and Baby Karter are getting ready
UPDATE NICU- Baby Levi- Isaiah 49:16 (See My Pic on JJ FB) Baby Levi was born 7-31-21 at 27 weeks weighing 2 lbs.15 oz. PRAISE- Baby Levi has been able to move closer to mom, dad, and sis. He is now in town (whhhooo hhhhooooo) hanging out in the NICU. CLICK HERE to add YOUR prayer ⇒308
UPDATE NICU- Baby Charleigh- Romans 15:5 (See My Pic on JJ FB) Baby Charleigh was born on 7-31-21, at 29 weeks, weighing 3 lbs. 3 oz. Please pray as Baby Charleigh is eating so well and practicing gaining weight so she can graduate from the NICU. CLICK HERE to add YOUR prayer ⇒135
UPDATE PREVIOUS JJ GRADUATE (Pediatric ICU)- Baby William -Psalm 46:1-3 Baby William was born on 5-14-20. He has graduated from the NICU to Pediatric ICU to a Pediatric room but has not yet got to go home (and he is over 1 year old). PRAISE- His transition meeting went well and now all they are waiting on is an open
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Jlyasidi's Journey

Jlyasdi’s Journey is a non-profit organization that is a Christian-based Antepartum / NICU (Neo-natal Intensive Care Unit) service. Our mission is to provide encouragement and support to families who are on the Antepartum Unit or who have a baby in the NICU.

Jlyasdi’s Journey offers comfort, encouragement, hope and healing to those who may have an intense and immediate need for God’s touch in their baby’s life.