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BRAIN SURGERY TOMORROW- Previous JJ Baby- Baby Jameson- Joshua 1:9
Jameson was born on 12-28-20 weighing 8lbs. April 12th, Jameson will be having brain surgery. The doctors believe it is a cavernous malformation or a hemorrhaging tumor and plans to remove it during surgery. Doctors did find that it is not cancer. They are hopeful this removal will fix everything else going on with Jameson. Please pray for Baby Jameson’s medical team as well as peace and strength for his family.

NEW ANTEPARTUM- Baby Girl Frase- Psalm 139

NEW ANTEPARTUM- Baby Girl Frase- Psalm 139
Baby Girl Frase is due 7-1-21. Doctors found a tumor that was growing and fluid that was increasing and diagnosed it as Polyhydramnios. Mother had surgery and Baby Girl Frase’s medical team was able to block off the blood flow to the tumor and drain the excess fluid. Please pray for growth and development and a smooth rest of the pregnancy as Baby Girl Frase is preparing to enter the world.

UPDATE PREVIOUS JJ GRADUATE (Pediatric ICU)- Baby William- Psalm 46:1-3

UPDATE PREVIOUS JJ GRADUATE (Pediatric ICU)- Baby William -Psalm 46:1-3
Baby William was born on 5-14-20. He has graduated from the NICU to Pediatric ICU so has not yet got to go home. Please pray as the doctors are preparing final logistics for William’s transfer to another hospital closer to the family where they will not be separated by providences. William is doing much better and his family says Thank You so much for all your prayers.