UPDATE- Rylee Kate- JJ Graduate- Isaiah 49:16

Kaye Losch Prayer Updates

UPDATE- Rylee Kate- JJ Graduate- Isaiah 41:16
Rylee Kate took a turn two nights ago and got dangerously close to intubation but by the grace of God evened out yesterday. Still really sick but hopefully not as bad as they thought. She’s got a new bacteria infection brewing that has caused her to regress.

She has been on the Servo ventilator to provide extra support the past two days and it has definitely helped. We are trying to wean her settings back down to her Trilogy ventilator settings (that we use at home) over the next couple of days to not shock her system and give her time to rest. Once she handles this de-escalation we can go back to our heated high flow trials.

Please pray specifically for sister’s white blood cell count to lower and the infection to subside, her secretions to become more manageable, vent setting to be lowered to her baseline settings, co2 to regulate and for her to tolerate heated high flow trials when they resume in the next few days.